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Our first birthday!

It has already been a year since the Forest Healing Foundation officially came into being! Whilst some of the hard work started before that, we wanted to use this opportunity to take stock of our progress and celebrate the successes to date.

Through the dedication and commitment of our team, plus the fantastic support we have received from friends around the world, we are proud of our highlights so far:

  • 3ha of degraded forest regenerated with 550 trees planted since 2017;

  • Sapling survival rate of over 70% due to the care and attention provided by our team. This is significantly higher than similar planting programmes;

  • USD $4,000 raised for the Foundation in its first year;

  • Over 30 local families supported by a community shop initiative, which also helps fund Foundation operations.

Over the last year, we have also put a lot of the groundwork in to set ourselves up for success as an organization. This includes defining our clear mission, strategy and objectives, as well as setting up governance processes and growing our network both in the local community and with like-minded organisations. Please see our Annual Report for a detailed review of our strategy and progress to date.

Looking forwards, along with the rest of the world, we are facing into challenging times with the ongoing spread of COVID-19 and its impact on people, societies and economies. However, this has made us evermore committed to our goal to protect and restore forests – both to help heal nature and people.

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