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Conservation for Kids

I remember being struck by a photo of Greta Thunberg at a Fridays for Future climate strike, not because of the huge number of people who had turned up to strike, but because of the adoring looks of the younger children who were thrilled to get their photo taken with her. Environmentalists, and young environmentalists at that, had become the new idols, superheroes or rockstars for the younger generation. How cool is that?!

This energy and enthusiasm, as well as very justified indignation at the way the world they will inherit is being treated, is something we at the Forest Healing Foundation are keen supporters of. So today, Biodiversity Day 2020, we are pleased to publish our first set of educational resources for children.

Aimed at ages 7-11, “My Conservation Adventure” takes the child on a introductory journey to conservation science and the work of conservationists. It incorporates games and activities and empowers children to become conservationists in their own homes. We hope that these resources will be especially helpful to parents who may be continuing to homeschool their children during the coronavirus crisis.

Please do share the link with anyone you think might find it helpful. It is completely free and we’d love to hear how you and your children find the course. If you email us the completed worksheet at the end of the adventure, we would be delighted to send a personalised completion certificate for all new professional conservationists! Have fun!

With special thanks to Lauren, Millie, Felix and Charlie of Welburn Primary School in the UK for their fantastic drawings of some of the species we are working to protect in the forest here in Sri Lanka. We absolutely loved receiving your artwork and are so impressed with your skills!

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