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The Forestation Healing Foundation (FHF) is a non-profit organisation focusing on climate change & energy healing through reforestation and protection of forests in Sri Lanka.


While the effects of climate change is no longer a debatable theory but a frightening fact, it is also vital that we understand what impact trees have on us.

The Forest Healing Foundation not only looks at the climate aspect of trees, erosion control, water retention or its oxygen production. A healthy forest is much more important for our well-being than we used to think. A degraded forest can exhaust you, while it can strengthen you when it is healthy. This impact on human beings is a result of the quality of its energy field. People and plants both have a magnetic field and a biofield of subtle light around them. These light bodies mutually influence our wellbeing and the health of our mind and body; and our caring and loving attitude in turn can enhance and improve the wellbeing of trees.

While we hope and pray that large corporations and powerful States start doing their part in protecting/reforesting of our forests, we have already started, albeit in a small way, reforesting in and around our own lands on the outskirts of Kandy in Sri Lanka.

DID YOU KNOW that trees can energise you? 

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