Yoga & Meditation for Nature

The first reforestation project started on a land called Bululand - which was bought in cooperation with Polwaththa Ecolodges and Henk Kieft near Digana. Nel Kapteyn and her local colleague take care of the planting, the initial watering and the protection of the trees. Since the start of 2017 they have planted over 400 trees which has already caused a climatic change on the land. 

The FHF has now partnered with Polwaththa Eco Lodges to host yoga & meditation retreats to support Bululand and further reforestation projects. Yogis will be immersed in nature as the yoga shala is surrounded by wildlife and trees; both new and old.  It offers an opportunity for yogis and nature lovers to truly give back to the environment and nature while practicing their passion. 

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Oude Deventerstraatweg 26

8017 BC Zwolle

The Netherlands

69/1 Wepathana 

Gomagoda 20184 via Digana

Sri Lanka