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Our Objectives

Trees: to touch, to sense and to respect

Forest Healing Foundation is reforesting for many reasons, but we are not just planting trees like so many others organisations. We want to show that a tree is life. Forest Healing Foundation invites you to honour and to experience all the different dimensions of trees: the physical, the energetic and the spiritual.

The Forest Healing Foundation explores this perspective of mutuality in our relationship with nature. We support healing of forests so these forest in turn can heal men.




We invite seeds sleeping in the soils to germinate, by creating optimal conditions for germination and growth.  We have learned this from Sam Popham and successors in his arboretum near Dambulla in Sri Lanka.


We plant trees when biodiversity may need an impulse, and take care of them during initial stages of growth.


We buy impoverished forest, to curb further degeneration in an early phase. This way we support its regeneration in the most cost-effective way. The longer you wait with regenerating, the more expensive it gets and the longer it takes before its health supporting quality comes back.


And we build on awareness on the energy dimensions of soils and plants. We offer excursions to introduce visitors into the energetic aspects of the plant reality. We can teach you how to sense such subtle energies yourselves. We offer you access to these forests, discovering birds and other wild animals, enjoying its sounds, its smell and the light between its leaves.

We also believe that ecosystems management fits well with Eco-tourism. We invite you in this endeavour in a way you like: as a guest, a planter, a supporter, or as a participant in one of our nature workshops to experience the specific dimensions of trees.

Increase awareness on the role of trees:

Awareness on the importance of trees is growing, not only (inter)nationally, also locally. Many villagers know the cooling effect of trees and it make them careful in cutting trees, even when they need money. But many people are still surprised when they hear about all the other functions and the benefits of trees and forest. Therefore, further awareness creation is an important pillar in the work of Forest Healing Foundation. By carefully selecting local board members from the government and the community we will stress the importance of increasing awareness even more. Part of the fund will be devoted to special awareness creation programs on the importance of trees.


We expand the planting of trees and its impact, by:

  • acquiring barren lands/lands at risk of deforestation to plant new trees and create sustainable forest.

  • Inviting and stimulating partners to plant more trees on their own land.

  • Inviting volunteers to work with us.

  • Inviting donors

  • increasing local awareness and village participation.

Want to contribute? Great! Contact us

Oude Deventerstraatweg 26

8017 BC Zwolle

The Netherlands

69/1 Wepathana 

Gomagoda 20184 via Digana

Sri Lanka

Trees for water

Trees are important in holding the water. Holding the water means a lot for our survival. It catches heavy rain and buffers the smooth delivery of water. It prevents loss of soils and it prevents filling water tanks and reservoirs with mud. It even cools the climate. Good forest soils even purify the water. Forests and good soils are like living filters.